I doubt many people on here will be able to actually listen in, but if you can, My track 'Farfield' is being played on Saturday 12th May on BBC Introducing York, which is one of the things i've always wanted to do. It's on between 6-7PM, so if you have the opportunity to listen in, i'd appreciate it. I believe the signal's out of these: 103.7, 104.3, 95.5 FM, or just on www.bbc.co.uk/york to listen online.

Basically, it's been a while since i made a full length song and added it onto NG. so i've decided that its the right time soon. Im going to work a lot harder on this song than on the others, because this one requires all a bit more than the same old FL SLAYER crap, so i guess once im done with it i'll add it

New Stuff

2008-02-23 06:39:41 by dammit-dude-2006

Firstly, there will be more music submissions this year than ever. Entirely because of a movie i'm doing the soundtrack for. I'm also in the movie but yeah. And also i'm working really hard on the songs that i usually post like mad. Every day i'll spend a few hours working on some songs, then if they are good enough i'll post them on, so hopefully there will be some worthwhile ones by me finally

:D Update of music!

2007-09-29 15:07:06 by dammit-dude-2006

hi guys. i'm working on a halloween song (not the movie) with my band and i gonna post it here! also, i made a good song which i will put up in a few hours. This is obviously some pretty good news for my fans (if any!) so keep checking back on the music page of mine!